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Israel Without
Walls is:

A non-profit organization created to help facilitate the building Anglo-centric communities in Eretz Yisrael. Our dream is to provide a comfortable place to live in Israel for Jews from all backgrounds, as well as to help these individuals and families make their personal aliyah dreams a reality by connecting them to all the resources and support they need throughout the aliyah process.

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A Living Memory

Rabbi Michael Stern was a profound influence in our lives.

We are building our first community in Israel

in his name, with his values in mind.



If you have any stories about Rabbi Mike, please share them here:

Step One:

Intake and placement

Step Two:

Logistical resources*

& landing coordination

Step Three:

Member services* & community infrastructures

*Some of the services we use to help you make aliyah easier:

  • Shul membership
  • School placement & admissions
  • Housing & real estate
  • Career assistance
  • Community events & classes
  • Anglo community resources & leadership 

  • Landing coordinator

  • American appliances & furniture

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If you are interested in helping us facilitate the aliyah process for individuals and families,

please contact us here.

We've made the process as smooth as possible for your family

Here's how that process will go:

IWW & KCE are endorsed by

Harav Michel Twerski

Harav Michel Twerski

Harav Yitzchak Berkovits

Harav Yitzchak Berkovits

Harav Dovid Harris

Harav Dovid Harris

Harav Yitzchok Breitowitz

Harav Yitzchok Breitowitz


“The ground is shifting beneath us. I don’t see a future for Orthodox Jewry in America. Kehillas Zichron Elimelech, named in honor of our dear friend Rabbi Mike Stern, under the leadership of Rabbi Cadle, is poised to light the way for many kehillos to follow.”

-Rabbi Michel Twerski, Hornesteipel Rebbe, Milwaukee

Provide your own testimonial here:

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