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About IWW

Moving from Chutz La'aretz to Eretz Yisrael presents many challenges. It is our hope that by moving people together as supportive communities, we can mitigate some of those challenges. To us, community doesn’t mean just individuals and families living near one another. We are setting up communities with complete infrastructures to support themselves. These infrastructures will begin with schools for children of all ages and a shul-centered kehilla with a Rav. Though members will hail from various hometowns, our dream is that they will come together to create truly unique, Torah-centric communities in various areas of Eretz Yisrael. Following Rabbi Mike's core values, we believe that all Jews should have a place to thrive and feel at home in their Judaism and that avodas Hashem and shemiras hamitzvos are the foundations of community life; these are the underpinnings of the communities we wish to build together. We are creating an opportunity to build Anglo communities in Artzeinu hakedosha, while removing many of the barriers to Anglo aliyah.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Our goals are simple:

To create the foundations of Anglo communities in Eretz Yisrael.

To do this, we help:

  • Find, build, and nurture neighborhood infrastructure,
    such as schools, shuls, housing, etc. all designed specifically for Anglo olim.

  • Connect the families and individuals who dream of making aliyah to all of the resources they need to navigate and facilitate the complicated aliyah process, including: help with paperwork and documentation, job placements, American furniture and appliances, etc.

  • Continue to fund, maintain, and expand the local attractions for these communities.

We are beginning with Kehilla Chazon Elimelech:

a group of 50+ families making aliyah in the summer of 2022, who are committed to our

vision for a community and chinuch system in which Anglo olim can feel comfortable.

We hope that KCE will some day be the place 1,000 families call home,

and that it will just be the first of many communities modeled in this way,

connected to each other within the IWW network.

B'ezras Hashem, in the merit of Rabbi Mike and borne from his passion for all Jews,

future olim will be welcomed, and every Jew who wants to will be able to

find a place to call home and feel comfortable in one of our communities. 

Our Timeline

Our Timeline

October 2020

December 2020

March 2022

June 2022

September 2022

Summer 2023

Rabbi Cadle's vision begins

IWW is born

in memory

of R' Mike



50+ families make aliyah

to KCE

Schools open

in KCE

Next wave

of olim join

in KCE

Our Team
Our Team

Moshe Stern

Executive Director, Founder of IWW

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Rachel Stern

Head Administrator

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Rabbi Nesanel Cadle

Rabbinic Consultant

Our Board of Directors
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Vice President

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