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Welcome to Kehilla Chazon Elimelech

About KCE

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We at IWW are building a beautiful new community in the heart of the land of Israel, where the northern part of the country meets the center, in Afula. This community will be built with Anglos in mind, with all of the conveniences needed to make them feel comfortable and at home in an unfamiliar land. We plan to have connections to Anglo doctors, pharmacists, teachers—even hairstylists—right in our community to make the transition as smooth as possible. This community, named for Rabbi Mike (Elimelech) Stern, is known as Kehilla Chazon Elimelech (KCE) and will be home to 50+ families who are making Aliyah this Summer 2022, with another 20 families slated to follow in the Fall. The first families are coming from Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Yardley, PA, and beyond under the leadership of Rabbi Nesanel Cadle, a very close friend of the Stern family who is currently serving as the Rav of Knesset Hasefer.

If you are interested in joining the KCE community,

contact Mrs. Meira Greges at or fill out a form here.

KCE's Name
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Rabbi Mike's Legacy

KEHILLA CHAZON ELIMELECH (KCE) is named after our Rabbi Mike Stern

whose Hebrew name was Elimelech.

Its highest mission is to bring Jews to a community in Israel the way he brought Jews into Judaism:

making each one feel loved, welcomed, and included.

With this vision (chazon) at heart, Rabbi Cadle is launching a chinuch system designed to

accommodate the needs of the incoming American children.

Under his team of renowned veteran principals,

the school for the boys and girls will launch this Fall 2022.

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Rova Yizreal, Afula

After much research and investigation, we have decided that this community should be built in the entrance of the North of Israel, in Afula.

We also hope to service the greater area, including Afula Illit,

and some of the smaller settlements in the area. 


The forest, which lies on the downslope between Nazareth and Jezreel Valley,

provides observation spots on the valley view. We have picked this location because of its security, commutable distance to Tel Aviv - and the mircaz in general - and infrastructure to build what we not only need but also what we want. 

Take a Tour

Video provided by OHA.


KCE's School System

IWW is partnering with Chinuch Atzmai to create a unique model for our education system.

Our schools will be staffed with bi-lingual teachers to help the children transition from instruction in English to Hebrew.

A graduated system for Hebrew immersion will be in place, with younger children adapting to full Hebrew instruction, and older children taught many subjects in English. Every student will receive ulpan instruction to learn the Hebrew language at the appropriate pace. A full curriculum of limudei kodesh and limudei chol subjects will be taught in all of our schools. The philosophy

of every staff member will be to support the children of American olim in their unique journeys, al derech HaTorah.

KCE's Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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David Solomon


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Rabbi Menachem Gold

Vice President, Deputy Mayor of Afula

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Chaim Rabenstein


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Hayim Zeif


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